Wen-Feng Zeng


Hello my dear friends, welcome to my homepage.

I am a postgraduate student in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am from Xiapu, Fujian Province. It is a very beautiful place where is famous for its sea and sunrise.

I am a pFinder, who works in pFind team. pFind is a software solution suite for mass spectrometry based proteomics, you are welcome to try it. Enjoy your research career with pFind and pFinders.


Education Background

  • I received my bachelor's degree in department of software engineering of Xidian University, 2010.
  • I am currently a postgraduate student in Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, supervised by associate professor Ruixiang Sun and professor Si-Min He.


Research Interests

  • Algorithms & Bioinformatics
  • Statistical Learning
  • My current research interest is mass spectrometry based proteomics, especially glycopeptides identification problems, machine learning based resoring methods and novel mass spectrometry technologies like DIA method.


  • Reading. I like reading web fiction, kungfu stories and computer science materials.
  • Sports. I like basketball very much. I also played baseball for a short time.
  • Music. My favorite music is Canon. And my favorite singers are Leslie Cheung, Eason Chan and Jam Hsiao.

Contact me

  • Address: Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100090, China
  • Email: zengwenfeng%AT%ict.ac.cn
  • Tel: 010-62600822